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Bellaire High School



Students entering Art 2 HADV & Pre-IB  or higher who do not already have instructor approval from Bellaire teachers to take at the 5.o level should email pictures of 6-8 of your best work to:  

We would like to see at least 3 works that were done from observation (drawing what you directly see- not from a photo).


Other things we like to see in your portfolio (these may be part of your 3 works from observation or not):


  • Work showing your understanding of creating the illusion of space.

  • Work showing your current understanding of linear perspective.

  • Work that shows understanding of shading from life or from imagination.

  • Creative work in a variety of media.

  • A realistic portrait of a person.

  • Your best work in any media or style.


No student wishing to take an IB or AP level classes should do so without sending their work for review and doing summer assignments.  Any students new to Bellaire should send work as soon as they are able.

Students entering from middle school who wish to enter advanced classes should also submit 6 pieces of work they have done previously for consideration of their future placement in advanced class Art 1.  At least 3 of these pieces are to be drawn from looking directly at the subject (from life or observation).  

Some general guidelines about class level for students coming from middle school.




Congratulations Scholastic Winners!


See what our students got up to at home during Covid-19 lockdown at Bellaire by visiting the slideshow of work shown at the spring showcase. 

Spring Showcase Slideshow


Background image by Renee Chiao when she was a senior here at Bellaire High School.

Gallery of Student Work

"The studio is where creative people make something out of nothing.  The room is where life comes to life.  First there was an empty mind, then an idea, then an artifact, then a real thing.  That is what mesmerizes us about creative people.  To outsiders, they seem like magicians; to insiders they seem like worker bees."

~Phil Cousineau

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