Bellaire High School



Pre-AP & Pre-IB students who do not already have instructor approval from Bellaire teachers should email 4-6 of your best works (3 from observation) to: &

All students entering Bellaire from other schools should do the same so that they can be properly placed for classes next year and assigned the correct required summer assignments for that class. 


*Please make sure that this is done as incorrect and missing assignments will drastically impact your grade in class next year and affect your eligibility to take class at the 5.0 level.


Art 1 Pre-AP/PreIB

IB & Pre-IB Art

AP & Pre-AP Drawing & Painting

Pre-AP Sculpture

AP & Pre-AP Photography


Summer assignments are required and a major part of your grade.

Background image by Renee Chiao when she was a senior here at Bellaire High School.

Gallery of Student Work

Brian Truong
Colored Pencil
Mariana Maini
Red, Yellow & Blue Marker
Julia Zheng
Pastel on Colored Paper
Andrew Abdalla
Tiffany Li
Ballpoint Pen
Jessica Ajucum
Oil Painting
Paula Diaz Linares
Jennifer Xu
Hannah Woulfe
Mixed Media
Cassie Yuan
Gabriella Montes de Oca
Anna Tselik
Agate, silver & copper
Annie Tao
Ballpoint Pen
Jakin Cordova
Black & White Chalk on Gray Paper
Jennifer Li
Sharon Manikam
Ink Wash
Megan Finkel
Isabella Frazier
Mixed Media
Tiffany Say
Sara Tin-U
Judith Navarro
Graphite Pencil
Alice Liu
Timed Figure Drawing in Charcoal
Jennifer Xu
Colored Pencil & Graphite Pencil
David Williams
Hard Edge Portrait in Acrylic
Annie Tao
Mixed Media
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"The studio is where creative people make something out of nothing.  The room is where life comes to life.  First there was an empty mind, then an idea, then an artifact, then a real thing.  That is what mesmerizes us about creative people.  To outsiders, they seem like magicians; to insiders they seem like worker bees."

~Phil Cousineau

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© 2023 by SCALE IT UP. Proudly created with  ,  For Questions /  Contact us at or

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